Who I am?

Who I am?

Dipl. Ing. Ivan TAUSK – injection and tooling development specialist

Master degree university diploma in polymeric materials, injection tools design and processing of polymeric materials at Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia.

  • 13 years of injection process and tooling development experience in automotive industry – exterior and interior products from 50 to 3200 ton clamping force.


  • Polymeric materials
  • Tooling materials – steel, bronze alloys, nonmetallic materials
  • Plastic part design focused on manufacturing feasibility, design for manufacturing and design for quality.
  • Rheology reports analysis and proposal of improvement actions.
  • Injection molding process and injection molding tooling
  • Troubleshooting of plastic parts injection molding defects and troubleshooting of injection molding tooling issues.
  • Top class (automotive components) tooling expertise – kinematics, injection systems/hotrunners, thermoregulation, venting, surface treatment of tools.
  • Injection process development.
  • Tooling development.
  • Tooling development management – sampling, validation.
  • Injection molding process training and couching.
  • Injection molding tooling training and couching.

Personally lead Projects:

  1. BMW X6 (E71) – 23 injection tools from 0,4 to 9 ton – development in Germany and start up in the USA.
  2. PSA C3 Picasso (A58) – 13 internal tools from 8 to 38 ton – development and start up in Slovakia, France and Poland
  3. Porsche Cayenne (E2) – 13 internal tools from 11 to 48 ton – development and start up in Germany and Slovakia
  4. GM Astra (HB5FL) – 6 internal tools from 12 to 32 ton – development and start up in France, Germany, Belgium and Poland
  5. Skoda Yeti FL – 6 internal tools from 12 to 35 ton – development and start up in Germany, Spain and Poland.
  6. Porsche Cayenne (E2FL) – 3 internal tools from 32 to 37 ton – bumper tools start up in Germany and Slovakia
  7. Skoda Superb FR (SK48) – 6 internal tools from 5 to 17 ton – bumper tools start up in Poland.
  8. Skoda/VW Caddy – new Roomster(SK347) – 4 internal tools from 6 to 32 ton – tools and injection process development in Portugal, Spain and Poland.
  9. Corrections and modifications management of Daimler BR463, BMW F40/F44, MAN NHMR, AUDI AU326 and AU516, SKODA SK38, SK370, BMW G1X and many others following up Grupo Antolin projects tools.

Support of dozens of other projects developed by companies Plastic Omnium and Johnson Controls International.