What I do?

What I do?

Injection and tooling development engineering (R&D)

  • Responsible for injection process and tooling development of auto interiors and exteriors products from 400 to 3200 ton clamping force (150 – 3800 g)
  • Tooling start up and definition of corrective actions and timings to convergence to the final part and tooling quality
  • Adding added value to tooling purchasing by calculation of the cost of modifications and lead time definition
  • Polymeric materials training (Thermoplastics and Thermosets) – choice, characteristics, differences
  • Injection process training – one gate as well as multi gate processes, injection process issues troubleshooting
  • Injection tooling training – tool concept, part design influence, tooling issues troubleshooting

Injection process and launch engineering (Operations)

  • Responsible for improvement of scrap and downtimes (50 – 2300 ton machines and 5 – 1800 g products) of interior components.
    • Definition of corrective actions
    • Customer audit preparation and participation
    • Division work stream leader (injection production department)
  • Definition of new projects characteristics (tool layout, number of cavities, clamping force, cycle time, materials).

Injection and tooling development team leadership (R&D management):

  • Responsible for injection and tooling team development
    • KPIs definition and follow up
    • Training
    • Couching
    • Inspiring and inspiration system definition
    • New projects injection, tooling and equipment relevant CAPEX definition
    • Customer design for manufacturing consultations and negotiations
    • Tooling suppliers development
    • Tooling standardization
    • Production bench mark mindset development