Who I am?

Who I am?

Dipl. Ing. Ivan TAUSK – injection and tooling development specialist

Master degree university diploma in polymeric materials, injection tools design and processing of polymeric materials at Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia.

  • 11 years of injection process and tooling development experience in automotive industry – exterior and interior products from 50 to 3200 ton clamping force.


  • Polymeric materials
  • Tooling materials – steel, bronze alloys, nonmetallic materials
  • Plastic part design focused on manufacturing feasibility, design for manufacturing and design for quality.
  • Rheology reports analysis and proposal of improvement actions.
  • Injection molding process and injection molding tooling
  • Troubleshooting of plastic parts injection molding defects and troubleshooting of injection molding tooling issues.
  • Top class (automotive components) tooling expertise – kinematics, injection systems/hotrunners, thermoregulation, venting, surface treatment of tools.
  • Injection process development.
  • Tooling development.
  • Tooling development management – sampling, validation.
  • Injection molding process training and couching.
  • Injection molding tooling training and couching.

Personally lead Projects:

  1. BMW X6 (E71) – 23 injection tools from 0,4 to 9 ton – development in Germany and start up in the USA.
  2. PSA C3 Picasso (A58) – 13 internal tools from 8 to 38 ton – development and start up in Slovakia, France and Poland
  3. Porsche Cayenne (E2) – 13 internal tools from 11 to 48 ton – development and start up in Germany and Slovakia
  4. GM Astra (HB5FL) – 6 internal tools from 12 to 32 ton – development and start up in France, Germany, Belgium and Poland
  5. Skoda Yeti FL – 6 internal tools from 12 to 35 ton – development and start up in Germany, Spain and Poland.
  6. Porsche Cayenne (E2FL) – 3 internal tools from 32 to 37 ton – bumper tools start up in Germany and Slovakia
  7. Skoda Superb FR (SK48) – 6 internal tools from 5 to 17 ton – bumper tools start up in Poland.
  8. Skoda/VW Caddy – new Roomster(SK347) – 4 internal tools from 6 to 32 ton – tools and injection process development in Portugal, Spain and Poland.

Support of dozens of other projects developed by companies Plastic Omnium and Johnson Controls International.